The ‘Fabulous Gene’

Due to a photo of me my mother told me that I’d inherited my fabulousness.

I have this strange talent for being able to recognize hot spots for quick portraiture as I walk down the street. My friends must love it when I dictate but considering what great photos result it’s really rather quick.

Graffiti or street art is what inspires me most often – the grit of urbanity. My eye draws me to backgrounds that I sense will jive with my attire or with that of my friend’s if they’re to be the subject.

One day I texted my mother that first photo with the orange belt taken as I was walking to an artist’s open studio with a friend. She texted back that both she and I had inherited ‘The Fabulous Gene‘ from Grandma, her mother.

Ofcourse, I’m not the only subject of my photographs. Usually it’s lighting, light fixtures, New York City, nightlife culture, and all the fabulous people I know in this life. Follow me.


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