My first WOWfabric suit.

When I got my first WOWpaper installed I said, “That should be a suit!”

I hadn’t imagined myself to be a custom suit designer, though I had designed a few garments before. With the pattern being so bold it could easily have looked clownish so I went to a real custom suit maker in Brooklyn.

I made drawings to explain my vision for how the pattern should be expressed along with different scales of the print for different elements. I was REAL specific about how the pattern should meet at the seams. And of course, there were several fittings to get it perfect.

The first time I wore it was at the Color Invasion party for the IIDA, International Interior Design Association, here in New York City.

There was no contest or competition – it was just a party – but all night long my peers in the design industry came up with comments like, “You win best of show,” or “Numero Uno” and various offers of high praise.

The power of fashion.

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