Echelon Chandelier for MODULIGHTOR

The Echelon Chandelier that I designed for MODULIGHTOR was used in the Hampton Designer Showhouse.

There was what’s now called a Single Layer Trellis fixture in the MODULIGHTOR showroom when I arrived there. It was a showroom model that couldn’t be installed in the real world the way displayed. The solution to make it workable for clients led to the creation of the Multi Layer Trellis. After I came up with those two options sales of the Trellis series soared – one of the absolute top sellers for over a decade. (The sales continue.)

Add Swarovski crystals and *boom* – I called it the Echelon. A very modern crystal chandelier. Kenneth Alpert of KA DESIGN GROUP borrowed it for a room he did in the Hampton Designer Showhouse one year. I went out to see it; these are my photos.


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